The Witches Potion

My brother and i require a potion from a witch

We needed a new a potion my brother and me. For our father was in a terrible rage and so angry!


So we ran quickly to the forest of Timber-Oak-Nut where we knew lived a witch who brewed potions inside her reed one-bedroom hut.


We raced around the swamp and sloshed through the bog until we found the witch tending to her old, winged, lizard hog.


“We need a potion and we need it fast!” my brother said wading out of the watery brown. “We need an antidote to calm our angry father down.”


“Hmmmmmm…” hummed the witch while with long green fingers she picked at a wart on her nose. “I have a potion that quenches fires I do suppose.”


So she led us inside her hut with a beckon. I am not a coward, though I did hesitate a short second. 


Inside were jars of pickled frogs and baby dogs. Owl feathers and dark red leathers.


In the middle of the hut was a cauldron set to boil, its contents were dark as pitch and smelled like oil.


“Lets see lets see.” Said the witch turning her back on my brother and me to shuffle through some shelves.


“Ill need to start with lavender and a toung of elves. Hand me that jar of narwall tears deary and ill grind up this frozen ant honey.


 “Now an ounce of sea dragon milk and a spool a silk worm silk. A can of butterwort and a spoon full of dirt.”


Then POOF! The cauldron exploded a fog that seeped through the roof.


“Here you are my pretties.” The green witch chirped ladling the concoction into a jar. “I must say ive outdone myself ive raised my own bar.”


The witch bustled us out of her hut with broom and before she shut her wood door she cooed, “Remember, remember this witches’ favor. Your indebted to her if she should ever ask a boon.


So my brother and I fled the green woman’s hut in Timber-Oak-Nut to get home to set our father straight. But as for the witch’s favor, we did not have long to wait.

The End

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