The Wishes, The Regrets, The Maybes

A poem about lost love

Wishing and regretting the day I met you,

Maybe my hurt would have finally subsided,

Maybe my heart wouldn't be broken.

My world would be upright.

But instead I am stuck with these taunting memories.

Your smile, your eyes, your scent.

They all haunt me in my sleep.

Wishing and regretting i hadn't kissed those lips.

Maybe mine wouldn't burn for yours,

Maybe my body would stop reacting to the memory,

Maybe this desire would go away.

But instead i am tortured with a reminder.

The reminder of your warm hugs, tender kisses,  your soft touch

They all scorch my skin excruciatingly.

Just wishing and regretting and thinking of the maybes.

Wishing I didn't still love you, regretting ever loving you, and maybe I won't ever stop loving you.

The End

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