The Wildflower

A lovers plea

The day I met the Wildflower, I was quite content

With rainy days in muddy wellies and days with no events

I was walking down the cobbled English streets(of course in a straight line)

When I bumped into a girl, who admittedly, was quite fine

Her hair was thick and tussled as if the wind had shaped it

And her stance was quite loose as if she wouldn’t fit

I said, “Dear girl, where do you forrow for you act as if today is morrow”

She laughed (crickets chirping/fireflys glowing/Louisiana nights) and said, “Forrow? Morrow? What silly words! Do away with them and say..”

Shocked into submission, she grabbed my cheeks and pushed them together and made me pronounce,

“Ducks quack, dogs bark, but i my dear friend calooh callay.

And if I shall be stiff as a board in my bed tomorrow, bury me with the horses and hay”

This girl was quite mad, I thought

With daisys trapped in her hair like flies in spiders web

And pollen taped to her cheeks, this girl drove me overwrought!

“How dare ye poke out from the rest of us! Silly girl of but two!

You think ye be so dandy with your wellies the colour of the Caribbean blues!”

With shock in her Earth coloured eyes she said, “Why y-yes, I think  I do.

Be dandy as such.

 For I am the wildflower, who doesn’t ask for much.”

So awkward I felt, in my brown and dark greens.

And her in her glass blown necklace, curious to what it means.

She was a beauty, Nature made her with care

And I? So plain that no one bothers to stare

No pictures, I take of myself, for fear of being compared

And no voice shall I speak, for the fear of being shared

This daisy, this wildflower, so different from the rest

So beautiful (LOOK FRECKLES!) Might I follow them to her chest?

With colour in my cheeks, and a stifle of red at the end of my nose,

I pivoted before my nose turned into a hose.

“WAIT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” The Dandy cried after me

But I had already started running, too plain for her to see

The End

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