The Wicked Heart of Africa

This one is very much a current affairs poem, it's all about how the status quo is changing throughout Africa and the Middle East, and about the hope that peace can be achieved through this.

Throughout the centuries

The world's eyes locked forever on the mystery of the east

Playing God with unknown pressures, things unidentified

We've been looking for power, but only found the beast


Decades of the same

In the wicked heart of Africa

There could've been a change

But in the name of profit, there cannot be


But something stirs

An electronic generation slowly waking

Young that see beyond the walls of a prison

Truth is known by fragments, the falsehood is breaking


With the charred remains of one man

The powder keg will be lit

And the castle walls will be breached

A revolution, faceless, nameless

Open to all will be unleashed


But dark hearts and dark minds

Play upon the fears of the irrational

Another excuse they wish to find

As to why some people should never be free


Behold, the power of truth

People under the banner of freedom

Without religion, without class, all powerful

Finally the truth shall be heard


And the economy of criminality shall crumble

The quake of freedom shall forever rumble

Finally we shall have peace in these lands

As the old world turns to dust, as old castles sink into Africa's sands


Wake up, people of tyrant countries

The call cannot be silenced now


The End

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