Open her mindMature

"Doctor Real this is the twentieth time that we have injected her any more and she will die." The nurse said over the intercom. "How the hell did Imaginal figure out how to counter act it. Her dream can't be that mature. It was just created four days ago." Real yelled. "Fine just leave her in the cell and do NOT let anyone in." Real said over the intercom. "Just what is your game Imaginal?" He thought to himself.

"It is very simple what I plan to do." Imaginal said over the intercom. "What!" Real yelled. "I plan to make this little patch of heaven you have made here a living hell for you and all of your flunkies." Imaginal said. "Imaginal where are you?" Real asked. "No im not really going to do that I just wanted to say that. Any way i really do not have a grand plan but I will tell you what I will do." He said. "Im listening." Real said. "Good.'' Imaginal laughed. "So what are..." He could not finish before Imaginal cut him off. "Wo wo wo wait let me finish..... All right im done." Imaginal said before cutting of the intercom.

Real shivered from anger. He smashed his finger on the all intercom button. "Imaginal i swear that before the day is out i will have your ass mounted on my wall!" He yelled into the intercom. Doctor Imaginal was skipping down the hallway whistling. "Just come for me." He chirped.

The End

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