More More More!Mature

I dipped the paintbrush into the paint can and drew it out. I stroked the air and formed a tree. Its trunk was dark black with leaves of bright blue and flowers of red. I lowered the paintbrush and painted a large patch of mushrooms of purple with orange polkadots. I spread Purple grass around the base of the tree. "More, more, more. it still is not enough. I need to make it ideal. I painted forests of trees and medows of flowers but it is not enough." I thought. i lifted the paint brush into the air. 

"Clouds of yellow under a sky of green." I thought. I shook the paintbrush and clouds of orange took form across the sky. "Now there is only a few things that I do not have in this world." I say looking at the sky. I lift the paintbrush into the air and stab it into space. A big spot of red spread across the sky and created a warmth for her world. "a sun to suport this world." I said. "all i need Is some company." I thought. "But that is for tomorrow." I say. i quietly head home for some quietness.

I enter my home and head up stairs when i hear a banging on the door. The force is back for me but this time i have more power. I stand at the top of the stairs and wait for it. "OPEN!" I shout and the door opens. It rushes around my living room and heads for the stairs. I grip the paintbrush and hold it in front of me. The force tuns the corner and i see it.

The thing is a black liquid looking ameba. Formless but alive. It rushes at me like a tentacle and grabs my leg. "Not this time!" i yell and swipe the paintbrush across the tendril. The tendril seperates and the black form screeches out in pain. I hold up the paintbrush and paint a chain over it. The thing is held down by it so i make more. Until a while the thing stops moving all together and i walk up to it. I dip the paint brush in some paint and draw it out again. "Welcome to my home. Where i am in controle." I grin. I paint the black thing white and it disperses into nothingness.

The End

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