The good emergenceMature

"Doctor Real! 3o7 is dreaming again!" The nurse yelled into the intercom. "WHAT NO THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!" Real yelled into the microphone. "No sir she is and this time her brain is showing a massive increase in brain signals!" She said back. "Then inject her again." He yelled back. Sir we have three times now. She replied. Real grabbed his coat and ran out of the room. 

About a minuet later Doctor Imaginal entered the room. "Hmm lets see what damage i can do here." He smirked. he sat down and hovered his hand over the key bord. "Ok i think that this is your best laid plans." He said typing.

"This is Strange how can any body do this. This is the first time some one has resisted so much miasma. Could it be that Imaginal found a way to resist it. hmmm i could be that he has a way to counter act it? No that is impossible, she must be doing this herself like Alice did five years ago." Real thought to himself. they had already injected her with ten doses of miasma and she was still sleeping. "Nurse keep by her side and report to me any changes." and with that he left the room in a storm of rage.

The End

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