The paintMature

Once again i woke up in my bed. "It really was just a dream." I said. i walked downstairs and into the kitchen. I leave the house and go out further until i see something that is not white. a single jug of paint and a small painting brush.

I open the can of paint and dip the paint brush in it. i pull the paint brush out of the can and think to myself. What is there to paint. No what can i paint. then a view is seen in my mind a beautiful land. I lift the paintbrush high above my head and stroke the air with it.

A beautiful, clear, greenish blue sky spreads out above me. I watch as the sky becomes more material and gorgeous. I stand there stunned just watching the majesty of it all. But it is not enough. I dip the paint brush back into the pail of clear paint.

I pull the brush out of the pail and lower it to the ground. I Think about what i am about to do then i kiss the ground with the paintbrush. I drag it across the ground and ,like a shockwave, color spreads. The floor becomes moist brown ground with patches of purple grass. I watch as color eviserates the pure white floor turning it into land. "It is beautiful." i think. But it is not enough. 

I dip the paintbrush back into the pail one last time. and draw it out again. This time i swipe it over the space in front of me.  The paintbrush leaves a comet trail of paint behind it. coloring the empty space that seemed to stretch on forever. covering it with a beach of green sand and pink water. "gorgeous." She thought to herself.

The End

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