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"Ok now i wan't you to go to sleep and forget this nightmare." Real said to Adele. Adele laid down on her side. "Doctor Real?" She said. "What is it 307?" He asked. "Where am i?" She asked. "You are in my patch of heaven." Real said grinning at the layered meanings. Adele smiled and closed her eyes. Real left the room and headed up to his office. "Doctor Real! Doctor Real!" A nurse yelled out into the hallway. "What is it nurse?" Real asked calmly. "Doctor Imaginal, he, he, he painted the bottom left hand wing with flowers and such." She said out of breath. "WHAT!" He yelled at her. "Well then i had better check it out." He said annoyed. Real started cursing and then ran to the quarters that had been damaged leaving the nurse alone.

The sound of a snap echoed across the hallway and the nurse stood stiffly upright. Doctor Imaginal walked out of one of the doors and into the cell where 307 was sleeping. Upon entering the room the good doctor place his hands on the temple of Adele. "Adele you are in your house of purity. And now go outside of your house. You cant have a boring world can you?" He said as he grinned.

The End

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