Doctor ImaginalMature

"I wonder what Real is doing right now?" I though. One might ask how i get around so easily and who is on my side. Well to answer the second question Every one at patch of heaven is on my side but they don't know it. See the answer to the first question is in the answer to the second question. See i hypnotized all of the nurses to forget any recent sightings of me whenever i snap my fingers, From there on out it is smooth sailing.

"Hahaha he is probably trying to recover the damage to the girl. Idiot he does not know that she is a time bomb." I though to myself. A nurse entered the hallway and i snap my fingers. She stands completely still until i leave and then she walks on as if nothing ever happened. 

"what to do i now that i have to get rid of Real or else i can never help these people get the help that they need." I think to myself. I look up and sigh. I should probably splash some color into this place now shouldn't I?" I say grinning.

The End

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