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I watch the front door as something bangs on it, shaking the entire house. Bang, bang, bang, bang. The door begins to crack and shudder. I run to the stairs and then up them. I hear the windows Break and spill all over the ground. I reach my room and I hide under the bed. I hear the thing smashing up the stairs and down the hallway. My door opens before it even reaches it.


I feel tugging on my legs and then a strong pull. I fly through the hallway and down the stairs, through the kitchen and out the door. And then I’m falling down. I feel the sensation of falling faster and faster. “Help.” I utter.


“Doctor Real the subject is waking up.” A female voice says. “Good keep her calm. I don’t want her damaged in any way got that.” A male German voice says. “Am I dead did the Force kill me and now I’m in heaven?” I think. “No I can’t die I don’t want to die.” I think.


“Doctor she is struggling.” The nurse said loudly. “Then hold her still I do NOT want a scratch on her or you will regret ever coming here got it. I said. She struggled for a moment and then calmed down. Hello 307 it has been a long time since we last met hasn’t it?” I said. The nurse left the room and Adele looked at me. “Hello Doctor I am dreaming again aren’t I?” Adele said. “Yes you are 307.” I said. After I came here I changed all of the names of my subjects to numbers, it helps me talk to them and here they have no need for names. “So lets talk.”


The End

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