patch of heavenMature

“Doctor real patient 307 is dreaming right now!” a nurse said over the intercom.  "OK Nurse I will be right there!" Real said back into the intercom. "Ugh more work to do because of that insipid brother of mine." Real said to himself. "He is ruining patch of heaven." He finished running to the cell. Patch of heaven was a mental institute hidden somewhere in north America. few people knew about it but it was a very well know institute in the world of psychology. It was know as the place that all the "Forgotten" cases went. The only people that knew about it was the 'Deliverers" also known as the people that relocate the forgotten cases and the people that worked there. There was a staff of 100 nurses and 2 doctors.

Doctor Real who was know as the Doctor that solved every case that came in. But since they were at Patch of heaven that meant that they were unhelpable so by his standards that meant that they were his little experiments and that was his version of "help" for them. and then there was Doctor Imaginal. Doctor Imaginal was as good at his work as Doctor Real was but he changed during one of his experiments. Ever since then he was never seen by any one. He some how got around and made trouble for Doctor Real in the form of complications with the subjects. They had been looking for Doctor Imaginals hidden passages and Looked for ways that he could have possibly got around without being seen by either the cameras or the personnel.

Real entered the room with the subject that had fallen unconscious. She was blond with pure white skin, the rest of her body was restrained in a straitjacket. Her name was Adele and she was a dreamer. A dreamer is some one that avoids real life by going into her mind and creating a wonderful land in which she is pretty much God, like a wonderland.

“Doctor Real I brought the instruments.” The nurse said grinning. There were many ways to deal with this kind of patient under these kinds of circumstances but Real preferred destroying the wonderland from within by making her destroy it herself, it was more fun that way. “Nurse give her the coffee.” He said. The nurse pulled out a syringe containing thick, black, shadowy, liquid. She then preceded to inject her with it.


The End

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