The Whispering Ones

Looking through sightless eyes I find myself unable to think, unable to move.

Coldness creeps up into my senses as I try to weep but cannot.

I send will coursing down my body but it fails to beat my heart or force breath into my lungs: panic.

Scarlet frames my body and fanned out across fallen leaves.

I am only allowed to listen and what can I hear?

The Whispering Ones.

What do they whisper?

Many things and then nothing at all.

My body rings with their hollow voices.

I cannot block them out; there is no escape from my viceral prision.

Silent screams and panicked thoughts are all I can summon.

Just when I feel my soul ready to burst and my mind snap: silence.

Maybe it was just the wind, yes the wind.

I pray it be so.

The End

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