the weirdest things

It was a world that no-one could ever have known,                                     The face in the corner that people werent shown                                        The way that they were scared when there was nothing                            but yet when others knew that it was just random

You see some of us believe in     ghosts                                                            Some of us believe in spirits and mediums                                                    See me personally i do believe that there is an afterlife                             Its the way that i carry on                                                                                  

But no matter why we were put on earth                                                        It doesnt mean that we have to be hurt                                                          Our parents were the ones that give birth                                                      but it doesnt mean that they can treat us like dirt

I am one of eight children and that isnt right                                                  i always thought that i wasnt one of them                                                      you see i hated my parents because of things


The End

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