The Way You Are

I don’t think you realise,

I don’t think you know,

That the things you do,

Cause me so much woe.


The way you looked at me then,

And how you look at me now,

Your face is the same,

But the message is different somehow.


The way your eyes fill with hate,

Intense with flame,

The way you shake your head,

Assaulting me with shame.


The way you walk past me,

Head held high and bold,

Your demeanour is frosty,

And your silence is cold.


The way you spread rumours,

Though none of them true,

You say it was my fault,

When the blame belongs to you.


The way you act innocent,

When lies spill from your lips,

Leaving my reputation,

Full of holes and rips.


The way you bend the facts,

When you step out of line,

You call me the cheater,

When that title is not mine.


The way you used to love me,

I will not soon forget,

But you threw me away,

Due to another girl you met.


The way you are like venom,

You are poisonous to the soul,

On the outside, an angel,

On the inside, a troll.


The way you still linger,

It leads me to cry,

I have many a question,

But the biggest is, why?


The way you live in denial,

To justify what you’ve done,

Is that why you’re doing this?

To feel like you’ve won?


The way you cause me pain,

Attacking silently without care,

The mental injuries you leave,

Are scars for my soul to bear.


I didn’t think you realised,

I didn’t think you knew,

I didn’t think you meant to hurt me,

But the fact is,

You do.

The End

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