The Frozen Tundra of the Heart

An air of December blows on me today
The same November feeling's come to stay
Am I wrong or am I right?
I break down and cry at night
No one sees these tears at all
No one heard me take the fall

Could you see the danger was so real?
Love is something hard for me to feel
The king of pain is all I'll be
If you refuse to set me free
Should I renounce my faith in you
Nothing else will grow so true

A black hat lies upon the frozen ground
Something died and didn't make a sound
No one sees the pain I'm in
No one knows what might have been
I'm the face you'll always see
and you could never lie to me

An air of December cuts through me today
The new year comes and feels the same old way
Battered bruised and bleeding still
Dreams betrayed and unfulfilled
All confused and torn apart
What is going on inside your heart?

The End

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