Part One: Chains that Bind

The heart becomes like a desolate, barren wasteland when love dies. This is about dying love, and the hope of being reborn.

What did you expect?
What do you deserve?
The platter comes before you
But you're never being served

A long time ago
When you could still pretend
Before you had to lie
To justify the end
You told me there was something
In your heart you couldn't fill
And everyone who knew you
Left you feeling cold and still

Down every lonely street
You drove with all your fears
Looking for an answer
Finding only tears
You give yourself away
To everyone but me
You found the chains you wore
Would never set you free

I tried my best to break your chains
But found myself enslaved
You might never understand me
Or the price you made me pay
I asked you for nothing
Was it much too hard to give?
You stoke the fire that calms you
Will you ever learn to live?

The End

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