The Wanderer

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Beyond the hills and past the last gate
Where nothing but earth and sky await
Where God has set aside for man to create
To construct his life and change his fate--

There are my people, one nation, though small
We are indomitable, our wills will never fall
Nor our walls, for such things leech away free life,
And to build them would cause only great strife.

We are the one nation of the free
Only we are free; no one else need be
For safety dampers freedom, it is not just--
Yet protection is for what the world has lust.

My people live in a land erased from the map
Forgotten, useless, deadly as a bear-trap
Wild, abounding with possibility, free
And this land is the only home to me.

We outsiders, we who climb the hills of doubt
Cross the seas of risk, and forever remain stout
But for one thing do we search; let it be heard, we shout:
“Give us our freedom! Hear our cries, let us out!”

For even we who wander the endless plain
The tundra, the desert; the land you can’t tame
We are trapped in a position few would choose to go;
If you have ever gone wandering, then you already know.

We are missing one thing that matters enormously
The one comfort many have, the last sanctuary
A home, for we who traverse the day’s start to its close
Have not beds, nor roofs; instead, thin, ragged clothes.

A home cannot be without controlling a land,
And to be confined to walls we simply cannot stand.
And yet, a home is our constant hope and prayer
And sometimes I wonder if there’s a home for me out there.

Just a small place for my soul to rest,
My body to recover, my heart to heal
My eyes to see my mother, my father, my brother
To once again love and comfort each other.

My mind does not hold memories of them. My heart still hears their goodbyes.

Perhaps the day comes when the light shines on me
And the rest of my people, my only family
Oh, but to have freedom, and until we’re free
In the unmapped lands we’ll search for it eternally.

The End

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