The Walk We Took

By now we've parted.
Our ties unraveled,
We've gone our separate ways.

But I will remember the walk we took
How cold it was
And how the sun went down ever so slowly.

You'll hate me
You'll think to yourself, "he's a jerk"
And remember all of our arguments.

But I'll remember the time we climbed the hill
Sat down on the grass
And watched the sky and the trees.

You'll see me as mean
I didn't do enough for you
You'll see me as never being worth it.

But I'll see your hair drawn back
And the loose ones taken by subtle gusts of wind
And the way the rest of it stood it's ground

Yes, memories fade.
You'll forget about me and find someone else.
So will I.
But when I see that hill
That grass and the trees
I'll remember the walk we took.

The End

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