The walk

This is my walk to college, i come this way every day and have done for the last year.

I paint on my face and slap up my hair, throw on my clothes, want to look nice but don’t want to be noticed. Don’t like big crowds or lots of bodies in one place, as wasps around honey a contradiction in its self, flocking to the shop that says ‘sale’ above the door. Anything for a cheap deal.

As I leave the home on a dewy morn I have this in mind, I ponder as I walk down the dessert road, can see the bridge ahead, a big powerful figure in front of me. I think of when he was first built how proud he must have looked standing up straight as bodies below stumbled along beneath him. A majestic being standing tall and wide. Now the paint crumbles and his posture is slouched over the lagoon below, proud no more.

I still look up in ore at the bridge as I go to walk up the stairs; I stop for a moment and appreciate I what see.  Over the bridge I walk as the trains rumble through. I can feel it moving, vibrating as the trains run ahead of me oh so cautious without warning, they like to surprise you, keep you on your toes. I know when they are coming am growing wiser to their tricks, I see the sly smile on their face and watch it fade as they rumble past me , they know I know, am getting wiser to their tricks.

I come down the stairs looking at my feet minding the cracks in every tender foot forward, one, after, the, other. The jokes not over yet. I see the replaced tiles not even the same colour, artificial limbs, yours but not really, just not the same. I think back to the bridge waning and wining in the wind as they hammer the limbs in place, I’m careful not to step on them as I hover my feet over, the last step, another train cascades over me and a smile creeps up my face, they just like to remind me. I’m on the ground now and the bus stop is there, I start up towards it the cold air biting my face, a crash to reality and I hear the thud, with this my smile disperses and the bus pulls round the corner.

Then I realise, it’s just another day.

The End

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