Can't You Hear The World Crying?

Can't you feel the world crying?
They're such great heaving sobs-
shaking, quaking with the fear of the monsters we've become

The snarls and calls for revenge
drown out the logistics in the bowels
of the bloodlusted minds
we are the demons,
the demons bitter angels on our battle scarred shoulders whispering :
hell on earth good will to the dead
the ones gone before the rivers bleed to red
veins suffering from the oxidation
of the modern day abominations
Oh, can't you hear the world crying?

They will hunt you down in your dreams
you're never safe
don't lie to yourself
don't lie about your faith
you are a sinner to the very core
to the very center of your brittle bones
accept your fate with a smile Angeles
maybe you won’t burn for your transgressional hopes

Can’t you hear the screams wafting to the rooftops?
They’re burning, they’re burning,
until the your flesh falls to the ground,
you are the catalyst,
the one pure of heart-
the fires won't stop
until your honesty starts.

Why can’t you hear the world crying?
Its leaning on your weary limbs,
Can’t you feel the tears,
branding into your skin?
This is your fight, this is your war-
Why cant you hear the world crying,
those great heaving sobs-
Why cant you hear them asking,
begging you for more?

The End

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