The voice of suicideMature

NOT BASED ON REAL EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!! Please add to the collaborative if you have any suicide or self-harm poetry, rhyming or not.

The lithium just fuels the voice inside my head,

"Keep staring at the knife, the pills, the strangulation instruments, but you'll never be brave enough to do it!"

They can't counsel the voice away,

I used to at least feel misery,

But the sting has worn away and left just numbness,

Medicated numbness,

Medication, bandages, counselling, even telling me to stop being melodramatic and get on with life,

They don't penetrate my brain of plastic,

Lying there on that threadbare carpet,

The jar of pills in my hand,

Lying, like a butchered calf in my own blood,

I thought I'd done it, freed myself,


They'll always keep you alive on just electricity and lithium even if you just want the injection,

Thought I'd done it once again,

My chest slashed open, my wrists weeping scarlet tears,

Now the stitches itch and the skin welts up,

Needle and thread,

I should be dead.


The End

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