The Voice of Feminists

The poem's all about raising your voice against the cruelty of the society towards women which, sadly, still exists in many parts of the world.

This society is so sexist,

It needs to be corrected by feminists.

It's time they raised their voice,

And drown those patriarchal noises.

Which speak that a woman's job is at home,

They are the ones who need to be chilled to bone.

So come on feminists, take a step

It's high time, don't you have a rep?

Let's make these discriminators realized

That women are not just born to be housewives.

So stop, wait, ponder over

Are you really a women lover?

Because if you are then struggle for their rights

Let's not just give in without a fight

Don't forget that they're part of the society

Let's not take this issue lightly.

The End

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