The sunlight splashed slofly on his weary eyes and slowly they began to open

as his mind reluctantly returned,he realised that he was lying on a barren

rocky land. The pain slowly started to return and cruelly crept thoughout his body

as sensation returned to his bruised skin. The waters of the atlantic

had chilled him to the bone, numbing his skin as it soaked through his tunic.

But the physical pain could not even be compared to the emotional torture

that he had been though for all those years. He would no longer have to suffer

for a crime that he had never committed. Now that he was free,

he would have his revenge. He would show them all how deadly

a real criminal could be. The thoughts began to fade away and hover around

his head like ghosts once again as he found

his mind slipping away once again into emptiness

he shut his eyes and for the first time smiled a smile of true bliss.                                              

The End

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