The Virtuosity of a Villian

 Two hours had passed since the sun had been drowned beneath

the endless body of blue. In the shadows, a pair of weary feet

treaded on an endless path hoping to merge into the shadows.

The feet stopped for a moment as the man looked behind.

He shuddered as those dreadful memories filled his mind.

He looked upon those cruel grey walls that had confined him for the last twenty years.

But now, the cool night air was enough to drown all those fears.

He took a deep breadth and plunged into the dark sea.

He would be leaving this sepulchral island behind for all eternity.

The prison had sucked the life out of him but now hope made him buoyant

The freezing atlantic sea could not harm him. The cold could not penetrate his skin.

The only thing would torture him were the memories from within.

The prison's searchlights, powerful as they were, could not penetrate

the dark waters which controlled the man's fate.

The carried him gently and set him upon a new land before dawn.

The End

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