The View from My Seat in Spanish Class

I glance your way

Then turn away

As if I had never been looking,

And you look at me

I look away


We play that game

Until one of us finally

Says something.


You smile and laugh

And joke with me.

And I get queasy

And happy all at once.


You don't know it

But I'm coming undone. 

Every time your brown eyes smile at me.


You don’t know it

But I already love your laugh

And the way you get nervous

When you talk in front of people.


You don’t know it

But when something exciting,

Or funny or sad happens to me,

The first thing I think is

 “I want to talk to him.”


You don’t know it

But I love how you can’t keep

Your head around me.

You turn bright red and stammer

Trying to smooth down the cowlick

On the top of your head

Like you do whenever

You’re nervous

Or embarrassed.


You don’t know it

But I’m starting to notice

Your quirks and habits

You’ve become predictable to me

But in a good way.


You don’t know it

But I think I might know you

Better than I know myself.


You don’t know it

But I’m scared.



The End

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