The Victory of the Empty Flagpole

This is another 'Hippie' poem, about how the world would be so much better if we forgot war and violence and mindless patriotism, and adopted a mantra of peace and love :)

Stars and stripes lie scattered like dust across the floor,

Tribal Spears beside them, snapped and redundant.

The guns and war makers are nervous relics, as

The thundering noise, booming from the distance,

Is not the footsteps of a marching army

But the dancing lights of fireworks.

Every colour imaginable glimmers overhead,

Colours diverse as the World they shine above.


No longer does the fat cat sit upon the throne of another man’s labour,

Smiling with a sickly, Cheshire Cat, Grin.

No longer is a man a slave, far away from the green grass of home.

His chains lie broken, glinting in the newfound sunlight-

Blinding the darkened eyes of those who enslaved him;

Those who wish to enslave mankind, and its soul.


Love stretches out her arms, across this Pangaean Paradise,

Embracing all those that hold her in their hearts.

Finally the words ‘Love thy neighbour’ ring true,

As the checkpoints crumble, like the Berlin Wall,

All those who were enemies are now neighbours.

The arms race is well and truly run.

Those arms discard their guns and embrace humanity.


Soldiers salute a forgotten memory of war,

As fireworks dance and shine in the distance,

Behold the victory of the empty flagpole…

The End

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