The Veil

About a couple who long to be together but are seperated by a 'veil' (death in this case) however this could apply to any barrier you may encounter in love.
P.s. I may need help finishing this one, so if anyone wishes to write the verses from the viewpoint of the person who is 'behind the veil' I am more than happy for you to share.
Much love
The author

The winter's winds seem to bite at my flesh

now that you're no longer with me

my weaknesses clear as day for all to see

They say i'm a slave to my grief

but only with you was I ever free

I wish to be with you again

to love you and taste sweetness again

I'm sure I saw you standing there

the only one who ever cared

There you lie so happy,

behind the veil

here I am alone in the winter

soul's fire dimming

and my flesh turning pale

There you lie in bliss

behind the veil

here I beg to be with you

to feel your touch

to be once again in love

The End

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