The value of something that can no longer be said

early July 2010

Look at these lines as if I've already died

And then maybe you can begin to see their importance

Things mean so much more once taken away

The value of something that can never again be said in the same way

So look on and try to understand all perspectives and life, death, and dreams

They all mean so much more than their current meaning

Nothing makes sense, yet you are all there is

Look around toward the bigger things

And you will realize you are nothing,

yet everything

And no one can take that from you

See the world not from the windows of others,

but destroy the walls and see the stars with only space between you and them

Your own perspective is your whole reality,

so see it for yourself and don't let others tell you how to see from your own two eyes...

For they will never see through them, so they don't matter

Sometimes it's nice to be simple, but don't waste your whole life pretending there is nothing more

See the complexity of the world around you, of your own life and dreams, and make something of it.

The End

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