the Vagabond

Some nonsense, just because nonsense is enjoyable.

alright. so i'm in the process of moving, which means packing, which also means finding old notebooks, papers, etc etc. and this popped up. so i'm posting it, in hope that something might happen. hah. have at it!


Upon a time the was a man
who wished to find a place,
The nature of which was odd, because,
it drifted in time, not space.
So gallantly off he set one day
to complete his grand crusade,
Though one would surely laugh and jest
at the journey that he made.
'Cross vast and seamless plains,
through endless groves o' trees,
O'er white-crowned purple mountains,
traversing all known seas.
But yet he stumbornly stumbled on,
ne'er once succumbing to sorrow,
Even though his journey would never end,
'til the discovery of Yestermorrow.

The End

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