The Uprising

A patriotic poem about the citizens and the government and the British Bulldog spirit :)

Tonight we rise.
The voice of the silent majority will scream
We will open the country’s eyes
And wake the peaceful minds from their dreams

We will flood the streets
We will unravel this lie!
All we want is peace
But for martyrdom we’ll die.

We will uprise in strong numbers!
The time is now! And we arnt scared!
We riot in our hundreds!
Until our voices are aired! 

The once great mother England is suffering
This egotistical government is making her die!
It comes to the power of her children
To answer her painful cry!

We all live for nothing.
Life is free. and simple existence is aimless.
Because words without actions, is bluffing
Live embarrassed, or die shameless.

Death is inevitable.
We all die one day.
But you never die if you’re reputable
They cant kill your reputation, some say.


Ryan Smith

The End

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