The Unveiling


Come one, come all!

Gather round, everybody, on this chilly day in Fall!

I have something I'm sure you've been waiting to see

the first look at the brand new me.

Come with me, I'll be your guide...

Now, should I pull the curtain aside?

It could be likened to an evolution,

turning over a new leaf, a great big revolution.

Are you ready for version two point oh?

Improved from one point five, which was only only so-so.

Oh wait, just give her a minute.

Her costume, you know, she's just trying to get in it.

Before you ask, no, she hasn't been under the knife.

Just better than ever -ahem- even larger than life!

You there, sir, you got a ticket?

No? Well you can only get in with it.

The booth's just around the corner

painted red, you know, run by Mr. Horner?

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes - her costume, gents, it shows a lot of thigh!


And for the ladies, well, she has a lot of advice.

About taking chances, being risky, rolling dice.

Oh everyone! Everyone, she's ready!

Grab the curtain there, boy, hold it steady!

Gather round everyone, crowd in close

Remember, look but don't touch, or you're toast!

One, two, two point five and THREE.

Here's your first look

at the brand new



The End

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