The United States of America

Its in the title.

Over the sea lies a country of dreams,

of Hollywood stars and liberty,

they have a Big Apple and they have the OC,

and some people still find it hard to believe,

that out on a bay an innocent man

is caged and abused because he comes from Iran.

"A terrorist", they say, "just look at his face,

you can tell he intended to bomb this place".

Meanwhile down South there's a man on death row,

people cry "INNOCENT!" wherever you go,

but the people in power need someone to blame,

and because of his colour they have him in chains.

Have you ever seen the stress position?

Or thought enough to even question,

how this 'Great' Power still exists today,

and gets away with places like Guantanamo Bay?

I'm not asking you to change the world,

you don't even have to march,

but remember what Amnesty says,

"It's better to light a candle,

than to curse the darkness".

The End

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