The One I Forgot

I guess I was just so wrapped up in the rest of things that I forgot them. New school, new friends, right? Especially if no-one was really that nice in my old school. No-one except you.

I never told you how sorry I am for that. Never talked to you at all. It's a long time, now. Short enough to remember what I should've done, long enough to know that it's way too late.

You. My only true friend. The one I told everything. And I forgot. Maybe had I carried on at your school everything would be different. I don't know whether I like to think it would be or not.

What makes it worse, I guess, is the fact that you live 2 houses down from me. And I see you every weekend with your new friends. The ones we used to make fun of.

And now I see you every day from my room and a wave of uncontrollable sadness crashes over me. Regret- real regret- and the guilt of knowing it's all my fault. Now I think about it- I really liked you. You know what I mean. We discussed it enough.

And it never mattered that you're a boy and I'm not. Well, not until now, when I can only remember the years we were friends, and analyse every little detail in the hope of something good coming out of all this.

At least you're not regretting losing me as much as I'm regretting losing you.

And now we can both move on from something that never was.

The End

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