The Unique Take on the Value of People

If you have someone you really like, or really love in a family way, or pity, or feel anything about just write down how you feel about them here. In your own really interesting way. It can be about anyone from real life people to celebrities to the person who walked past you in the street that caught your attention. Let your creativity unfold dudes.

It began on that random day, on a random week, in a random month. It was a random event. You got up- you sat down and you performed that monologue, and then I was intrigued. HA! Intrigued I said to my friends, little did I know that over the next few weeks I would be far far more than intrigued.

How could I not be? The way you laughed, and the way you towered over everyone else, your blue eyes sparkling with the intelligence I've never seen before. You were different! Whenever you walked near me I hyperventilated, whenever you were in the room I felt like gazing at you because you were just so intriguing. I even put you in my own fantasy story because I saw a character in you that I wanted for my own.

3 weeks later, and we are talking, you hug me, you pick me up and spin me round, you make any excuse to be with me. But I don't see it- I don't want to see it in case it's jinxed. But deep down I know that I have to tell you, we're friends now, I can't keep it from you. Waiting and hyperventiliating and muttering to myself- what have I done? What have I done? My friends calm me down, five minutes later you come back in and don't look at me, I am worried. My friend is grinning, she sits down beside me and tells me to cheer up. It turns out that what i thought was impossible is in fact possible. You like me back, Freddy, you like me back. And the world is suddenly sunny.

The End

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