The Unforgiving Red ThreadMature

This was my homework in Health one day. I had to write a poem in response to the book Tweak.

Even if it was so many years ago
I remember the day I decided to tie the thread
The thread always led me to you but never let go

Of course I could untie the thread if needed
But when I did for real it wasn't for long
The thread followed close behind as I tried to run away from it
I reached out and decided to tie the red thread back on to my pinky

Soon it became a never ending cycle with the red thread of fate
Tying and untying, as long as the thread gave slack I was safe
I knew I could leave you, I just didn't want to
You enlightened me as I felt so free

It was about time I cut the red thread off of my pinky
I might as well cut off my finger
No matter how much I try, the thread of fate is indestructible
You had become a part of me that I couldn't erase

No longer resisting, I let you back in
My guard was down and fate became taut
You choke me from behind as I seize
I am fully under your control, oh one on the other side of the thread

I know understand what they said about the unforgiving red thread of fate
Untying the string for the last time knowing that it will follow
I have the ability to resist you forever
Because unforgiving fate ties us together

The End

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