The Undying Shores

I had a powerful dream. It wasn't exactly like this, but it was so powerfully vivid and literally woke me up in tears, I had to write something. Tell me what you think

It was too beautiful to be a nightmare,
It was too woeful to be a dream.
It was too vivid to be ignored...
I had awoken, asleep, in a world unseen.

The skies were dark but the view was clear.
I was standing in a long, narrow hall.
The walls were interrupted by wooden doors.
And a door to my side opened to my call.

It was a room, four walls and no window.
I should have known not to go on through.
And damned is my pure curiosity,
The door slammed shut and my fear grew.

I fell forever and landed hard,
the room had become an expansive shore.
I looked around in awe and fright,
then behind me appeared another door.

Through this door came a familiar face,
One I had always loved and known.
He asked me why I was here so soon,
I didn't understand and so I was shown.

He pointed out, far past the horizon,
And I saw the world from that distant shore.
I saw myself laying cold on my bed.
I understood what happened and needed to see more...

I saw more than I had ever needed to see.
The view was woeful, showing me my life.
It showed me my funeral, and falling tears.
It showed my family, my friends, and my wife.

It was then I understood, I failed her when, 
I vowed I would never leave her alone.
And look at me now, a ghost far away,
Sobbing on a beach so far from home..

I begged to go back, I couldn't leave her.
I threw punches and screamed in desperation.
But he told me he tried, I couldn't go back.
Tired, tried and sad was his explanation.

He lead me inside, I was forced to wait,
He told me in that I would see her in time.
I said I would rather be there with her now.
I didn't want to wait for her to die.

This could not be heaven, it was too dark.
But it couldn't be hell, there was no rage.
It couldn't be limbo, because I knew where I was.
It had to be some other deathly stage.

I came to the conclusion, those didn't exist.
This was simply a place for dead souls to go.
They made it a world all their very own.
And there resided so many people I know.

I was told to wait and stay in peace,
I barked, "Stay? Don't you mean Rest?"
He begged me that I must stay perfectly calm.
But I could not, would not, pass that test.

I said my farewells, and my departing words,
And I ran back through that mystic door.
I was determined now, not to fail my love,
as I ran back onto that wide, beautiful shore.

I dove in the sea, it was painfully cold.
But I made her a promise, a vow to keep.
I would not leave her, not ever in my life.
In what felt like years later, I woke from my sleep.

The shore vanished and my ceiling appeared,
As I shot awake in my warm cradling bed.
I gasped for short and shaky breaths.
My cheeks were damp, my eyes were red.

And so I reached for the phone, I had to let her know
I loved her more than words could ever show.
I told her the story of my visit to the hereafter.
And I promised once again, her happily ever after.

I now knew I was alive, I had visited in my sleep.
That vivid world of death and the unseen.
For it was too beautiful to be a nightmare,
and it was too woeful to be a dream.

The End

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