The Undescribable Feeling

To Alex ;D

There are some things that we don’t have to learn.

We don’t have a sit down lesson

with the constant repetition to learn

and have an idea pushed into your mind.

It’s a feeling that can’t be described.

There aren’t dictionary defined words

or a lesson taught in the most precise textbook to explain


Why you get this feeling.

Or even to tell how you know its there.

I have an idea though

that can almost assure that you can know.

Its smile that peeks from ear to ear.

The one that can’t be erased off of your face.

Never being forced but coming only at a natural ease.

The aching stomach

of muscles being built by the sound of your laughter.

Hardly knowing what it may come from

its burst out of you.

Only when they are around.

When your eyes begin to close,

holding back every tear.

And your mind,

begins to release every fear.

When you loose all hope in the ones around you

unquestionably thinking nothing could get worse.

That’s when I’ll be there.

For a true friend this should be nothing new.

Were not the kind

to just forget about you and leave you behind.

We don’t choose which day

we want to stay.

We are there for you no matter the time or place.

When you reach your all time low

or feel on top of the world.

We’ll be right beside.

Your one of the best.

And the few who stay close to you and know

there is not one like you.

You are unique and amazing in your own way.

That’s why I love you <3

The End

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