The Underwater Creed

A Poem about one man's decision, to join the "underwater creed";

By Ahmed Khaled, English As a Second Language, Never studied Poetic Composition.
To embrace the creed,
the under water creed,
Is it the truth? or Is it not?
If it is, then what?
Is this the answer?
Or Is it not?
How do I know?
What do I know?
Do I know? Nay,
I do not know what I don't
and do not know what I do,
Do I know nothing?
Is it certanity, or Is it not?
Can I know or Can I not,
If I can know, or If I can not,
What is the use?
Am I wasting a day,
or two? The use is not,
There is no use, wait,
but that creed, Is it the use?
What of that creed?
The underwater creed.
Is it to be helped? Is it?
Am I to know? Am I to use?
Am I to create? Will I create?
The underwater creed.
I am to escape, to escape,
All these; Do they see?
They call me fool, but
Am I a fool? Or Am I,
in that creed?
I am to do this,
There is nothing left.
There is only one,
which may or may not,
be left.
The Underwater Creed.
Many call it good,
Others call it evil,
But it is neither.
Good and Evil,
What is beyond? If life
is those two; Then what is Beyond?
But it is not two,
It can not be two,
It will not be two,
Life is what is beyond,
Life is what is beyond,
The shadow behind the man,
Is it the man, or is it not?
The shadow is not the man,
It is only his trail,
The only evident trail,
of all his trails,
I seek the shadow,
What I see,
Who are thee?,
A foolish illusion?
Or Is it what is beyond?
The Illusion is no more.
I now see,
The Reality is the shadow,
The Illusion persists,
but I know,
I walk in the shadows,
I am now,
a part of,
The Underwater creed.

The End

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