The Underdog Of North Rodrum StreetMature

Im filled to the brim with anxiety Nervous and shaking, burning down society Why is it no on ever understands me? Do you really need a life of such variety? I cant sit and wait anymore Picking myself drunkin' from off the floor My throat is raw from the screams i emit The pills make me fucking forget Everyday i feel more like shit Lips chapped! And dry eyes that continue to crack Im breaking down like a termite infested shack Pushing my face into the dirt After all this time its still your words that hurt Now that someones blood covers my shirt I no longer need to pretend to be polite but curt Im an abomination of the night Theres not a thing that could make me bright Small than copious amounts of alcohol make me fight Buti know now you dont love, not even in the slight This anguish i feel deep within my chest Your invtied to join your the only guest My teeth decay out and i pull out the rest I die a little more as i try to live Ive lost it all, nothing left to give You betrayed me and ill never forgive Since i love you, ive lost me Ill never be! More than ok One day you'll see
The End

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