The Unattainable

I'm head over heels for a woman who's smart, sexy, adorable, kind, and easy to be around. Of course, she has a boyfriend already. I don't even care. He's going down.

She's a radiant Mayan princess;
I'm a knight each morning,
A court jester each afternoon,
And a rogue each night.

She is an island,
And I am drowning trying to swim to her.
She is a tornado,
And she won't blow my way.

She is a star,
I am the moon,
And her man is the sun.
I just want to dance
With her
In the dark.

I am a river that flows into all seven seas,
And she is lightning;
When she struck me,
I felt the shock hit me all at once.

Her laugh is easy, her smile is bright.
She's a sharp dresser with secretary glasses.
Me, I just throw on a t-shirt and jeans
And get on with my day, shrugging at my every blunder.
She's so far out of my league,
It's like I'm not even playing the right sport.

I'll wait for her,
And be a good friend.
We'll laugh and sing and fight the power together.
And then maybe, one day, I'll finally win her heart.

The End

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