the umbrella people

the umbrella people, they are everywhere,

huddling together in their quite like-minded groups,

agreeing with each other in their self-invented, mutual understanding,

                 a covenant to escape all things demanding,

                                       to be freed from all gods commanding 

hiding from the watching eyes that might gaze down 

                 from higher, unseen realms, realms now denied,

to live in the shade of their shadow lands,

in the half-light world, none understands..


the umbrella people, they are everywhere,

drifting quite unknowingly with the flowing, growing crowd,

not quite sure where everyone is going,

except that it is going as it may please,

with a seemingly quite pleasant ease,

from where they were to who knows where,

  without a care,

   in their getting there.


the umbrella people, they are everywhere,

hugging close to earth, to view the lower world of weary feet,

taking hurried steps on the hurried street,

they cannot see stars in their courses,

nor turn the clouds into wishful horses,

for the windows of transparent blue

we all once knew,

are curtained now

to live beneath their hand-held sky,

and never knowing the reason why.






The End

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