The Tworld as we Know It

My canto from a technology related mock-epic my english class wrote. My assignment was to write about Twitter and blogs.

Born in the Chaos of Constant Contact,
A Pump of Knowledge began to contract.
Information Fatigue is now deadly,
Updates from Men and Stars, quite the Medley.
A new Tweet for every Chime of Church Bell,
Sent from every Laptop, iPod and Cell.
Soon Brittney's Breakfast is seen by the World,
Twitpics of Cheerios, Napkin unfurled.
Hash-Tags for Hash-Browns, they're Trending this Morn,
God help the Exile who's eating Creamed Corn.
Celestial Tweets drizzle from the Skies,
Drugs, Drinking, Parties, Sex, and Courtroom Lies

All on Twitter pages, Policeman’s Dream,
And enough Sin to make Grandmothers scream
Bloggers caw hungrily hoping for More

By which to slander George Bush or Al Gore,
Listening to their Tweets e’er carefully,
Scanning for Scandals in good old DC.
Fashion Faux Pas in the Apple so Grand,
Will light up the Tumblrs all through the Land,

And Tales of Traffic and Air-Travel Woes,
Line the Pages of the Average Joes.
Recipes, Maps, Sports, and the latest Scoop
From dearest Aunt May’s finest Chicken Coop,
And Photos of the Grand-kids, Jane and Sam,
All of which take up my most precious RAM.

Gripes, Brags, Fibs, Truths, Anecdotes of Travels,
Outnumbered by unreadable Ravels,
Thronging my Browser at Comcast Hi-speeds–
It’s hard to tell the Flowers from the Weeds.

The End

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