But the clock strikes twelve and the magic dissipates; in the silence of the midnight hour we traverse the layers of our minds. Could it be my love is one sided? Could you be immune to the soliloquy of my heart? Do we find ourselves greater strangers than lovers when the sun reveals the coming day.

We rise to a prenatal dawn and watch as the winter sun returns to the land. It warms this cool earth in it's glowing embrace and our hands find each other as the night turns to day. Framed by the sashes of a casement window the warm light of dawn pours upon us, and there, in that celestial moment, I know my love.

My heart observes you in the patterns of its beats. Every glance my way leaves me breathless for a beat. How the layers of your hair ignites my ache, how your smile draws within me an earthquake, I know not how but I know this is true, my love for you is the dawning of my heart.

The End

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