The Truth About SchoolsMature

This is a suicidal poem speaks from the life of a disillusioned student who loved knowledge and education but hated his school days. The poet decided to write this piece naturally from the words of his peers.

I once loved enrolling into a school

The classes, the friends that I made

Teachers that I met

But sooner, everyone is showing off

The true colours shown itself

Man, what the fuck was I doing here?

People I called friends, they despised me

They became my enemies

They preyed on me

Like how the serpent deceived Adam and Eve

Too bad, there are so many shit

Girls turning into bitches

Teachers brainwashed students

They lied about the world, the society and status

School principal told my parents to pay more for education

Education is meant to be free of charge

Why do I have to pay for a need?

Since when I was told that?

Damn! Education is dearly precious to everyone

Knowledge is everywhere, wisdom is divine

Teachers teaching syllabus made by the corrupters

Too bad, I know their lies

But I was coerced to embrace it

Shit! These motherfuckers have no respect!

They gave condoms in school, for what?

They suppose to prevent immorality

But I found out they removed righteousness from school

They chased religion away from school

And they are teaching everyone on how to fuck someone on the bed

First, they made school a boxing ring for everyone to compete

Through grades and physical

They hid the truth from everyone, including parents

Next, they are teaching students to watch pornography

Congratulations, students are dreaming to be the next porn stars

Making blow jobs, drilling pussies and killing a young girl

Pedophile, that is what is it called

After that, everyone is in support of teachings of their government

Doggies, bitches and assholes

They are sitting in the Pentagon

Freemasons and Illuminati, they are there

That is right, your TV, newspaper, Radio and magazines

They control every single bit

That is what education is teaching

Blaming the wrongdoings to righteous man

Taking religion away from the system

Be the next porn star, multiple sex scenes

I wish for everything to get better each day

But I can only kneel in my prayer

I am despised, goodbye world!

You do not need me, I am leaving

The End

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