The Truth About Lying (Mind-reading)

My step-by-step guide on methods of NLP and lie detection.

The Technique...

Another of the techniques used in the show is lie detection. I will explain what the performance is and then the technique itself. The "mind-reader" plucks an unlucky subject out of the audience. The subject is given a coin and they are told that if they place the coin in their left hand, they will tell the truth and if it is in the right hand, they must tell a lie and the mind-reader will detect this. So the subject will put a coin in their hand out of the mind-reader's vision and lift their two hands, now clenched, in front of them. The mind-reader will guess which hand contains the coin therefore lie-detecting.

A Quickie...

There are numerous ways of doing this, of course. One nice little idea is to get the audience member to raise the hand containing the coin to their forehead and concentrate for a few seconds; this is out of the mind-reader's vision. They will then move their hand down and lift them in front of themselves. You will be able to tell which hand contains the coin by looking at each hand and the one with the blood drained from it will contain the coin.

NLP and Eye Movement...

Another method in the madness is called NLP. Some people swear by it and I believe that they shouldn't. It is a good technique to use but has its flaws. One part of NLP is communication through the eyes. When people think, they tend to move their eyes to the trail of thought. NLP is a generalisation and doesn't necessarily mean it is the be all and end all.

If the subject does not really follow these patterns´╗┐ or they don't correspond with the answer then they are usually telling porkies. The NLP community will probably throw rocks at me but it may not work on everyone and top performers like Derren Brown do not use it because it is not fool-proof.

Next up is The Tell-Tale Signs...

This should be common sense but people's actions reflect their motives or thoughts. These are very common actions which relate to lying:

Pauses: If a person is hesitant between the question and the answer for too long, they are usually lying.

Blushing: People are embarrassed when they lie. Develop the humiliation with phrases such as "Dirty liar" "Big, fat liar" and if they go crimson, they are all of the above.

The Walk of Shame: Look at their walk forward, if it is awkward and not natural; they're out!

Quiver: Do you hear a quiver or a tremor in their voice? They're nervous therefore liars!

Blinking: Liars usually give off unconscious signals. These are unnatural blinking, twitching or nervous laughter.

Anomalies: If something feels wrong and is not usual for that person then hmm...LIAR!

Common Sense: Use your brain, if you are unsure.

Questions to ask...

These are questions to ask the subject which will knock them a bit and give away unconscious signals to you. the mind-reader.

"What is your star sign?"
"When is your birthday?"
"Pick a number between 1 and 10. What was it?"
"Where did you go on holiday this year?"
"What football team do you support?"
"Do you believe in God?" (risque)
"How much money do you have in your wallet/purse?"

So that's your lot. If I'm honest, female subjects give more away than males. Revise all these suggestions and put them all into practise. They might not work all the time but who cares? People remember the tricks that work and forget those that don't.

Good luck!

Daniel J McLaughlin.

The End

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