The Truth

A poem about how everything really is.

The Truth


Suddenly a truth appears.

Strands and links and chains, all leading to a core

A system. A test.

Something determined to abhor


I don’t know you



The greatest masquerade.

Callous, heartless, endless pragmatism

A machine. A drum.

A whirring, spunking mess of cynicism


I don’t love you



And in a blink

From earth, to cell, to human being

A blanket. A wave.

I become all seeing


I don’t fear you



Suddenly a truth appears.

The world stares back

Into my reflection

And I cry for nurture and response

and emotion and condition

and judgement and impulse

and desire and temptation

and causality and existence

and for myself

and madness and madness and madness and madness and madness and worst of all,


Because there is nothing beyond ourselves, besides orderly cogs and gears

expertly designed, for ruin, for irregularity… for doubt

Seconds may as well be light-years,

may as well be nothing


I don’t hate you



But then again, I don’t know


The End

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