the truthMature

I don't need drugs
Your kisses are like the ultimate high
I Could use the biggest words out of the dictionary,
But they are meaningless compare to how you make me feel
The moment your hand graps a hold of mine its as if nothing can or will bring me down.
When I feel your lips touch with mine, my knees get weak
Lifts me off my feet
It's as if the world has stopped for that one moment
And there is nothing else around me
Just you
I miss you like crazy when you're not around
You're always on my mind
When your hands touches my body
Every last hair stands on it's very ends
As we lay holding hands
Looking in to one anothers eyes,
We swore we'd never let go
We try to hold on forever.
Our words put together, our hearts shared with another
My love has never been so deep
My heart has never skipped so many beats.

The End

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