Vim and Vigour

So the village of Thorn in Cloudsky,
Atop Dree like a cap.
Faded with the wizard’s touch,
Vanished from the map.

But still there was the garden,
With Charity and the oak,
Who held her in his branches,
Careful not to choke.

He exercised his power,
And held the garden whole.
With roots he held the ground intact,
Frustrating the wizard’s goal.

“You’ve taken away my village,”
Little Charity cried,
“But you can’t take me from this oak,
From his branches I won’t be pried.

“By taking away my village,
My friends and family,
For my friend I will fight solely:
This oak, so important to me.”

Away and across the void,
Hunched over parchment enchanted,
The wizard vented his anger,
Violent feelings decanted.

The End

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