Playing in the Snow

The snow began to fall,
Coating everything in white,
It covered houses and the road,
And it caused the crops to blight.

The wizard smiled madly,
At the snow-struck town,
"Charity," he said,
"I will bring you down.

"I'll make this thorp so miserable,
You just wait and see,
You'll have no choice, dear girl,
But to give that oak to me."

But then he saw a sight,
That caused his lip to curl,
A gang of children playing,
Led by that blasted girl.

"Merry Christmas, sir!"
Said one boy with a smile,
"Look at all this snow,
Would you like to play with us a while?"

"Yes," said Charity happily,
Beaming like the sun,
"Let's throw snowballs at him,
'Twill be lots of fun!"

So the children chased him out of town,
With a grand snowball salvo,
And once he'd left, the sun came out,
And melted all the snow.

The wizard was quite furious,
But after he had fled,
He got his wits together,
And in a bitter voice he said:

"You may have stopped me once,
But I'm not finished yet,
You'll see, my dear friend, Charity,
How nasty I can get!"

The End

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